Our top tips… Tip 1: Who should you transport on your wedding day?

kombi wedding with kandid kombi brisbane transportation and kombi photo booth
Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get ma.. aa.. arried…

Let’s start with the norm shall we?? More often than not, the first pick up of the day is the bride and her bride squad… this is after she has been pampered and dressed – ceremony ready! Our day will start with an early arrival to her ‘getting ready’ location, allowing for time to get photographed with our vintage bus before heading off to the ceremony location.

The passengers? The bride, father (and sometimes mother) of the bride and her bridesmaids. When our bride has enlisted a smaller bridal party, both her parents and sometimes grandparents join in for the nostalgic ride.

When budget and locations allow, we have been entrusted with the task of getting both partners to the ceremony space…. so starting with one with their ‘special people’, then heading to a second location to retrieve the other. This way, both get to arrive to the ceremony venue in style… both with butterflies of nerves as we approach!

Bring on the pretty photographs

Once the couple have said their “I do’s”, it time for family photos followed by the location photos. For those wanting ‘pretty’ photos with our bus (most people), then it’s Busta’s time to shine! Those being transported to the picturesque spots are the bridal party! Busta fits up to 7 guests, so normally it’s 6 in the bus, unless we’ve been asked to also invite a fellow VW friend to join… so two kombi’s in the photos!! FUN!!!

Our evening normally finishes with the safe return of the bridal party to the reception venue…. ready to parr-tayy! However the couple do need to get to their honeymoon suite after the party has wrapped up… so it is on this quieter trip we get to set the moon with some sexy slow jams lol! This trip back to the hotel is normally just for two!