Our top tips… Tip 2: When should you book your wedding transportation?

kombi wedding with kandid kombi brisbane transportation and kombi photo booth year 12 formal
This is a tricky one to answer… It all really depends on when you are deciding to get married? And if you are really particular on the kind of transportation you want.

If your theme is ‘orange kombi’, then book now lol! Because the orange kombi is central to your wedding lol! And you don’t want to miss out. However, if your transportation is not entirely pivotal to your concept, then you can perhaps hold on a little and book the ‘bigger items’ first (such as the venue and photographer).

Photo by Sue Reilly
Photo by Sue Reilly

If you are getting hitched on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in the ‘busy’ or ‘popular’ wedding months – in Queensland these are March to May and July to Oct, then the answer is “as soon as you can”.

However, if you are getting ‘out of wedding season’, or if your wedding is on a weekday (Monday to Thursday), then you could probably book a few months out from your day… not that I should encourage that (because I like to be organised)

*Featured image at top by Sue Reilly